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                                                                                                                     Introduction to 5 Colours Foundation 

Composition of the 5 Colours Foundation:
       The 5 Colours Foundation was founded by the artist Zhou Chunya with the aim of gathering art and social resources for raising social charity capital and donations. The foundation is mainly made up of artists. The 5 Colours Foundation is attached to the Disability Welfare Foundation of Chengdu and is recognized under the full name of the Chengdu Disability Welfare Foundation - 5 Colours Foundation.
Aim of the 5 Colours Foundation:
       The foundation is devoted to charity. The basic funds are donated by the founding member Zhou Chunya and the members volunteer to provide a long-term teaching, exhibition and art exchange platform for disabled people through social donation. Art soothes the soul, inspires the creative spirit and also assists with life skills.
Purpose of the 5 Colours Foundation:
       Based on art education, the primary objective is to help disabled people through art.
   The first phase of the arts program is specifically targeted at the students injured in the devastating Sichuan earthquake which occurred on 12th May 2008. The foundation provides psychological rehabilitation to the students left disabled following the disaster. The rehabilitation is offered in the form of art, cultivating their artistic skills through teaching and complimentary art equipment. The foundation also provides a bursary fund to the students, to help with their study on the road to a better life.
       5 Colours Foundation regularly organises large-scale overseas high-end art exhibitions for the funded students to help them build life confidence. It also organises exhibitions and different kinds of art activities for the outstanding disabled artists from all over the world, to assist them in building a professional academic portfolio.
Work of Art – 5 Colours Foundation:
       Using on-site teaching and individual coaching, the foundation uses the concept of a ‘mobile art classroom’. The foundation employs professional art instructors and provides teaching facilities and mobile libraries to teach in schools or in the homes of disabled students to give them on-site classes. This helps alleviate any mobility problems in attending class in inconvenient locations. The foundation also makes full use of teaching facilities in the rebuilt schools to establish a teaching base ensuring the students have enough opportunity and time to study. This also gives greater access to psychological rehabilitation therapy and the opportunity of acquiring artistic skills.
 Present aid situation of the 5 Colours Foundation:
         After the devastating earthquake on 12th May 2008, beginning from the very start of recovery in the hospital, 5 Colours Foundation has always been there to support the earthquake disabled students, whether in daily life or in the pursuit of art. At present, more than 100 young people have received aid through the foundation both within and outside of Sichuan Province.
It is the aim of the 5 Colours Foundation along with the wishes of the donors, that the scope of relief will gradually extend to include the general disabled population both domestically and abroad. According the plan of the foundation, outstanding students with disabilities who have the chance to enter excellent arts institutions at home or abroad, will be able to accept higher professional learning. During their learning, the 5 Colours Foundation will provide scholarships and assist in living and other expenses. Currently, 13 students funded by the 5 Colours Foundation have been admitted to university.